Have you thought about it yet....

.... we are about to start another new year! Do you have any plans? Do you have any goals? Are you making a resolution or are you throwing them out the window cause you realize that for past decade you have set a resolution.. and yeah nothing came of that. 

As for me... I don't think I have ever kept a new year's resolution... at least not one I was aware I was keeping. I have goals though. My main goal being to FINISH college and NEVER go back again! 


I want to take so many pictures. I am talking so many that my computer does not want to hold them ad my camera does not want to snap anymore. I want to fill my entire wall in my bedroom with black and white still life shots. Not just of anything but of things I love, admire and aspire. 

I want to cook more. I mean I have to face it... I may never be the cook my Momma is... but watching and not helping is not going to make me get any better. I also want to learn how to decorate and bake really pretty cakes. I think I was a pastry chef in my first life. My Momma says she was a gangsta... seriously she said that. I guess in our second time around we traded places.


I want to go to New York. I want to eat a piece of pizza from a street vendor because yes they are the best kind of pizza. I want to take a taxi to 5th Avenue and walk into the largest Chanel store in America. I am not going to say now that I will buy my dream bag... because I won't be able to afford it. But I will look... and try on every bag in that place!

I also want to buy an awesomely, unique pair of stilettos while I am visiting.... fyi.

I want to be less quick to judge and more quick to pray.

I want to be more happy than sad... which I usually am happy and in my own little world... but I should be more happy :)

I want to be more positive and more helpful. I want to tell more people about the Lord Jesus Christ. He saves ya know...

I want to make a difference... 

I want to read more... the classics, the new age, and all that lies between.

I want to start saving money... at least a little anyway.

I want to get closer to landing my dream job.... I think the economy will need a miracle before that happens... so I will pray on that note... everyday.

I want to be the one people remember because of how I smiled so much... I am currently the one they remember because of the snarling look I can give and amaze them with the size of my nostrils (aka RD and Nicholas). 

That was random... but it's something I plan to work on.... 


I want to wish everyone a VERY happy new year!!! I will blog again... next year :)

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