For Christmas Phillip {RD's Daddy} gave me a Summit gift card {one of my top 3 favorite things to get!!}. At the time, RD & I had recently started our Rodeo Productions Company {Rockin' D Rodeo Productions}. We held out first event January 22nd&23rd. It was awesome {deserves a post of it's own} and went better than we could have imagined our first event to go! Although we worked SO hard on everything, we still could not have done it with the help of SO many people.

We decided it was a MUST to send out thank you cards. We found fabulously simple, male yet classy tea stained cotton card set. We both loved them! They were perfect. However, they were plain and had no design. Then I discovered this guy.... three Designing ladies stamps at Swoozie's {by the way, they are going out of business. So, if you are at the Summit you MUST go by there!!}

I fell in love. Ordered it. Waited. Waited. Waited. Waited. Did I mention I waited? Waited. Got a call that Swoozie's was closing their doors and my stamp was not going to ship and that I would be refunded my money. Saddened and with a slight case of depression I went in to get my money back {which I had already re-spent in my head} and what do you know! My stamp had came in!!!

Pardon the blurriness... I used the ole iPhone :)

With stamp in hand I walked on out {after looking through all the fabulous deals first!} and love it even more in person! Sadly, I will not be sending out thank you cards anymore. The event was in January and time got away from us... and the fact that we didn't have our stamp to decorate our thank you cards until March 31st!!! But we're all set for next January {but hopefully we will have more events before then!!}

However, you should check out this company! three Designing women 

And then go to Swoozie's and check out the fabulous savings!!!

{Happy Easter! Jesus loves you!}