Last Tuesday...

Today I...

For the last time..

I woke up way to early to drive to Tuscaloosa on Tuesday for classes all day.

I sat in 280 traffic because a traffic light was out and made me 30 minutes late for art class on a Tuesday.

I rinsed my paint brushes out in the industrial sized sink in the paint room for the last time on a Tuesday.

I drug the extremely heavy easel and jockey out to the balcony to finish up a landscape piece for the last time in my college career.

I sat in the library and printed off study guides and notes for the last time. Ever. 

I will never go into the that computer lab again and wait in line to swipe my Act card to print off papers.

I walked all the way across campus for the last Tuesday ever.

I sat through Tuesday's APR 434 class.. blogging.. for the last time.

I emailed RD all day, back and forth, for the last time on a Tuesday.

I ate at the Ferg for the last Tuesday.

I dreaded HY 417 for the last time on a Tuesday.

I contemplated skipping out on ART315 for the last time on a Tuesday.

I will drive home from Tuscaloosa for the last time after a full day of classes on a Tuesday.

My last Tuesday :)


Ashley Waldrop said...

whoop whoop!!! I still have one more Tuesday left ;(

Matt said...

You should go to Ruby TUESDAY to celebrate

Ashley Waldrop said...

Hey chicka...check my blog.. I gave you an award!