Since we last chatted...

Since we last chatted.. 

I drove to PC by myself to meet up with some friends to celebrate one of their 30th birthdays.

I ate here... and spent over $40 BEFORE TIP on nothing but food and Coke Classic because that's how much I love it. (And threw in a text message to my dear cousin Patrick Scott because he too shares my fondness of this joint and I knew it would make him jealous!)

I came home nice and tan from my one day on the beach.

I ate lunch with my favorite people.. RD, Shelley, Matt and my 2 favorite men, Mattson & Payson on Sunday when I got home.

I napped as usual on Sunday with RD.

I worked all week and learned more about my job. I like it a lot!

I really like Thursday when you get a paycheck :)

I yelled at people on 280 who magically forget how to drive when they get on the other side of the mountain.

I drank a great amount of water. This is an always for me but I wanted to share this.. idk..

I woke up tired and realized I am getting old and nothing is going to change that.

I drove home today to this...

And realized my boyfriend loves it as much as he loves me and it's only been in his life 3 hours now. Oh and it's orange and I am cuter but he will probably say that this is still open for discussion. 

Got to love that boy :)

I hope your work week was easy and grand... and that you're weekend is wonderful!

I am off to the gym, to eat, to sleep.

Then work, a rodeo, and Arab, Alabama for a Bridesmaid slumber party at my sweet Aunt's house!



Sue said...

I'm glad you posted because I HAVE MISSED YOU! Sounds like you have been busy but having fun. Hope to see you soon!!!

Matt said...

In Ryan's defense you admitted to loving your iPhone as much as him in an earlier post...