It's almost been one month since I last blogged.

I am the maid of honor in my cousin's wedding. I am hosting the lingerie shower.. I cannot wait to post pictures!!!! Here is peak of the invite...
What I have been up to....

I work everyday from 7:30 - 4:30. I drive 280 in order to get there. I hate it. Why do people forget how to drive when they get over the mountain? 

I miss the days of sleeping in and maybe studying or just going antique shopping 50 miles away instead. I miss driving to Tuscaloosa. There I said it.. I miss college.

I loved high heels until the day I had to wear them everyday. Now a pair of flip flops might as well be called Heaven on Earth! And my new obsession with house shoes.... yes house shoes. I found a blue pair with frogs on them in my closet a few months back. I think they might have been Melissa's... mine now. I wear them ALL the time. I contemplated wearing them into
Smith's the other day... RD was like nahhh prolly not a good idea. Haha... his face was priceless.

I go to a rodeo every weekend... and I love it. I have the best boyfriend ever.. I could not ask for better. 

I planted these at the beginning of summer. I planted large and small.. I will post the picture of the large (over 6 feet tall!) but here are the small... how cute are these guys!!!???

{The picture quality is not perfect... i took it with my iPhone.}

I have spent time with family and friends. Went to a family reunion and to visit my sweet Mamaw :)

Did I mention that I spent lots of time with my two favorite boys? Mattson & Payson. I love those little guys! We watched football last Saturday and the Saturday before we played at Coco's house all day while their mommy & daddy cleaned carpet. We had more fun :)

Since the intro of the big orange tractor, if the sun is in the sky then RD is on the tractor. So Coco must find ways to entertain herself...

On his land there are several little ponds... so anyone that knows me well will know exactly what I did...

I went fishin'...
And caught 6 fish :)

I hope everyone is doing well. I currently have the stomach bug and have been out of work for the past 2 days. I hope to be back tomorrow. I kinda miss talking to strangers over the phone. Really it's kinda fun. 

I am going to try and do better with my blog... it looks sad currently. There are just not enough hours in the day anymore. Especially since Memaw here goes to bed at 9... I am getting old.

Oh and ROLL TIDE :)

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Sue said...

I've MISSED YOU BLOGGING!! I know that you've been busy and I don't post often myself, but I was excited to see that you were back. I love that invitation and can't wait for you to post pictures of the event...sounds like fun. Those sunflowers are so pretty. As much as I love flowers, I've never planted any...will have to next year for sure. Hope you are feeling all better now!