New members...

Recently we have added new members to the clan.... Both are bulls of some sort and both are cute as pie!

Meet Juicy Couture
He is the newest member of the bull gang.
He is a young guy, around 3.
He likes his new home and his new friends.
He does not so much like getting in the bucking shoot. 
He actually knocked the gate off and knocked Cooper out.
{They are all fine though :)}
But he likes to eat and graze and wonder about the pasture.
He has potential.
And I like him.
And yes... I changed his name from Juicy Johnny to Juicy Couture.
He has velour like fur with a subtle blue tint.
RD agreed :)
Meet B
{B stands for Bruiser but I hate that name.}
So we call him B.
He was given to me by a girl I work with.
He is 10 months old and she didn't have enough time to devote to him.
So.. now he lives on the hill with us in the haunted house.
He loves it!
He is the coolest dog... well ever.
He can skateboard. No lie.
He cries and it sounds like a baby when he doesn't get his way.
His great grandmother is a celebrity.
Ever heard of Uga? Yeah Uga III.
He is like a human,
He really enjoys rap music, bacon, and anything that squeaks.
He likes to torture the cats but cries when they fight back.
Love this guy.
RD and Creed even love him.
That's a big deal :)
Hope everyone has a happy weekend!

We are off to Blairesville, GA for a rodeo! I think it's going to pour down rain to. Did I mention it's outside?

Yah! :)

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Ashley Waldrop said...

My Mom lives in Blairsville, GA..There is nothing there but the mountains are gorgeous!