Update #4: A rehearsal dinner...

This past Friday night was my cousin Heidi's wedding. Chase was an usher and I was the Maid of Honor. Here are before we left for the rehearsal & dinner. He is getting so old! {Tear}

Here are all 3 of us before the dinner... I was freezing. Literally. How cute is my cowboy?!

The dinner was the Old Rucker Place. Everything is pretty original and to die for!!! The decoration was elegant with white pumpkins. 

The food : chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes la gratin, bacon wrapped green beans, and roll. Dessert: homemade snickers sundaes. 

Although this sweet boy would have loved to be anywhere but here, he looked like a prize with this starched jeans, white Polo and sports coat. He smiled and held me up during my toast which involved a story of me, Heidi, and my Mamaw and late Papaw going on a family vacation to the beach where Mamaw bought Heidi her first wedding magazine. Mamaw is very sick and Papaw is fishing in Heaven with Uncle Will. It was beautiful and tear filled night. 

I am glad my cowboy was there :)

Here we are together...

There were better full shot pictures of us. Sadly, Susie Q doesn't have the greatest photography skills with my camera... they were ALL blurry. No worries. We seriously have a million pictures of just us. 

Stay tuned for wedding and reception posts!!!


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Those pics are good!

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