Heaven were in the form of food....

It would be located here.

Seriously... I documented the feast. 

Step one: (After I ate an entire basket of homemade bread)
Crab Cake Salad... YUM. Perfect. Divine. 

Step Two:
Well... I dove in before I took a picture. It was however...
Buttermilk Battered Chicken on a bed of mashed potatoes and a selection of fresh cut veggies. All covered with goat cheese.

This was literally the best thing that has ever been eaten by this girl. EVER. I am currently working on perfected this recipe.

Step Three:
A strawberry bread pudding with chocolate sauce. Oh my....

I looked like had eaten an elephant when we left. I strongly encourage EVERYONE to go here and eat. Their website is not exactly very inviting but the house is GORGEOUS, the food is DIVINE and the staff is friendly too. They also have a little bar section for the drink and sports lover.

The house is full of art and traditional southern architecture. Love it.

In the meantime... I have been spending a lot of time at home. I had neck surgery. I am went to work today and was sent home after being there only 20 minutes. I sound like a 90 year old woman... this is getting on RD's last nerve. Last night he asked me to sing Coal Miner's Daughter... haha. It was a show.

He has been doing a lot of this...

Hope everyone is doing well!

Go eat at Buttermilk Hill ASAP!!! :)


Sherree said...
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Sherree said...

The food is making me hungry! I will have to try that place out.