Hot dog hot dog...

Mickey Mouse for President :) ... that's a fun thought! 

I thought I would stop by for a moment and let everyone know how excited I am that election day has come... and IS ALMOST GONE!!! It's 7:12 and I am going to bed. I really hope no one calls me and tells me who got President. At this point I think it should be Mickey Mouse. It would be fun I think. Our flag could be a plain red background with Mickey's Silhouette in the middle in blue with white stars. And our national anthem could be Hot Dog Hot Dog Hot Diggity Dog!!! We could all wear ears... it would be grand! I am really looking forward to watching TV without it being election related. 

Anyways... I hope everyone had a great day. I was sleepy all day. But I learned something today. I know that the Bible teaches us not to judge. But in today's world it is hard not to judge. I will be the first to admit that I judge people.. often times without even realizing that I am judging people. When I know good and well I have NO RIGHT to judge people... at all!!! A dear friend of mine is in an odd situation and I was quick to judge and state my opinion. I did so without realizing all the details and without considering what I would do in her situation. After I understood what was going on completely I realized that I had jumped the gun and decided things without knowing the whole story. After I was filled in on all the details, I understood. I might not have agreed, but I understood. 

So tomorrow when you go out and face the world and all the strange people around us we call friends, family, and strangers ... don't be quick to judge. Try and put yourself in their shoes. What would you do then? Think about what the Bible tells us and how we can apply these teachings to our lives. And most of all pray. Pray everyday. Pray for everyone you know and even those you don't. Seriously... prayer works. 

Anyways... I have been thinking about this all day. So now that I have it off my shoulders... I leave you with this.... Click here. (Shelley go grab Mattson.. he is going to love this! )


Amy said...

I must disagree. I can't vote Mickey Mouse for Pres. I instead will be nominating Buddy the Elf from Elf. Why? Because I think that Mickey Mouse is a cotton headed ninny muggins. And Buddy is good at smiling. The flag can be green and yellow striped, like Buddy's socks. Wars will cease, instead we will meet with our enemies and tell them that they smell like beef and cheese. So...Buddy Elf 2012. :) I loved your post about judging. I have found myself judging others so often; too often. I am trying to change. Love you, and love reading your insightful thoughts.

Matt said...

Great post.

I think we ALL forget to easily that the only reason we're in the place we are is because of God, and not ourselves. I think this is the third blog post today that makes me realize my need to repent. Great stuff.