Where to begin...

It has a been a hot minute since we last spoke.. or I blogged rather... so much has happened. So much. For starters I had an awesome weekend. I spent Friday night eating chili and playing DVD trivial pursuit with Shelley, Nana, Anna, and Mattson. It was kinda hard considering it was a game designed for children. I don't remember who won but nonetheless it was fun. Anna loves to play games. I was just excited she didn't have us playing Uno. I am so over Uno. 

Saturday I went to work until 12. It was an awful day. It was sooo packed and busy. Double booked does not even begin to describe the schedule... try like double double + 4 booked. That's closer. Then I journeyed to Hayden, Alabama to watch football with my entire family. It was my grandmother's 80th birthday. She wanted a football party! Alabama was playing LSU... after many split sweet teas, me jumping like an idiot, scaring my uncles because I was more into the game than they ever though about being, and holding back curse words... we won!!! It was awesome! After the game, I came back to Vincent, got ready, and went out with my friend Jayme. We first went to some sketchy place in Riverside only to leave and go to an even more sketchy place in Leeds. Nonetheless, we danced for hours, drank nothing but water, and had a blast. Sure there was the un-called for drama that always accompanies a good time, but we just kept dancing...until the a.m.

Sunday is always a good day. I got up, took a shower, got ready and ventured off to Church. After church, RD and I went to Chelsea to grab a quick bite to eat at Uncle Monk's, stopped by Walmart to get some supplies for an art project, and came back to Vincent. We watched the PBR finals and took a nap. While napping on Ryan's couch, I heard this little voice saying Coco...over and over and over again. "Coco wake up! Ryan wake up!" It was Mattson. I woke up no problem but he had to slap ole uncle Ryan a few times to get him to wake up. We played with Mattson and Payson. Ryan almost died when Philip changed Payson's diaper. He decided at that moment he was not ever having children. That thought lasted about 3 seconds.... and he was over it. After the boys left, we went to grab a  bite at KFC, watched more TV, and I went home.

Monday was Monday.... I went to class. Came home. Went to sleep.

Tuesday was work. I went to work...all day. Came home. Ate supper. RD stopped by. Went to sleep. 

Wednesday started off swell. I got up late. Got ready in a fast, quick hurry. Went to class. Actually I ran to class from the car. Took a spanish vocabulary quiz. Actually passed it. (I didn't study because I forgot about it.) Left that class and drove to Tuscaloosa. Went to HY 417 and then off to photography. Learned what my last assignment was going to involve and started my walk to the parking deck. I called Shelley and told her I was getting out of class early and that I was coming to visit. I got in my car. Spent my LAST $10 I HAD TO MY NAME in gas. And started my drive home. I made it all the way to Dairy Queen / Lowe's on 280. I was sitting still. Minding my own business. And suddenly... the next thing I know I am breathing air bag dust, thinking about that stupid commercial where the chick has the wreck and puts the car in park and applies the emergency brake...thinking I should probably do that too, and trying to figure out how in the world to open my door. I was rear ended. I was pushed into the guy in front of me, who was pushed into the guy in front of him. 

Luckily, Matt had just went by so he came back until my Dad got there. From there I went to emergency room. After 4 hours there.. My neck is killing me. I can't walk on my right knee. I have been straight chilling in my bed since Wednesday night. I hate being stuck in the same place. My car is totaled and my truck is currently broke down. Blogging this is like lifting a burden I think. I know everyone is tired of hearing me complain. Especially RD... he might snap soon. oops... anyways blogging is officially a stress reliever. Love it. 

Anyways I am going to go back to sleep now. Avoid 280. :)

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