Been a minute...

It has been forever since I have blogged... WOW! I was actually going pretty good keeping up with this... I failed in my mission. Most likely because I have been crazy because of lack of sleep! Serious lack of sleep... Lets see... where do i start.....

Well I made it back from Vegas in one piece... I turned 23 on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I had an awesome birthday! I shopped all day, had dinner with Ryan (RD..sorry ...had to Shelley... I never call him Ryan anymore...) and Nicholas at Carrabas, then we went to Derby Junction to hear Lynam play... LOVE THEM!!... Shelley, Rachael, Jayme, Heidi and Britney met us there.. we had so much fun. I got home at like 3... had to be up at 7. 

The next day was Thanksgiving... I slept through most of it. And came home to climb into my big, comfy bed... and then Shelley called. She had this idea that we should go shopping... at 3:00 in the morning... And me... being such a sweet friend... thought it was a great idea and went over to have a slumber party. Needless to say I didnt hear my alarm on my phone and we were 30 minutes behind schedule... and Rachael was not happy with this... but we went shopping at 3:15. Really. We went to Anniston though so... it was WAY more calm than the Ham. We shopped until 9 or so and headed home. We then started decorating Shelley's house and watched football. And laughed and laughed and laughed and laughed... we had the best time... NOTE: I HAVE NOT BEEN TO BED YET.

Later that night I had plans with my friend Jayme... which turned into MASS confusion and me not getting home until 4 in the AM. I sleep until Shelley calls... at about 9.

We then spent the rest of the morning until the afternoon at the laundry mat in Childersburg washing her comforter that Mattson got dirty. We hung out in a laundry mat for 3 hours. haha... great times! Then it was time... ALABAMA WAS ABOUT TO PLAY AUBURN... did yall hear it was a shut out? Cause it was! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!! 36 -0. Enough said.

I got home about 9 or so... and slept until 9 this morning! Can i just say I literally though I was in Heaven!!! Awesomeness... I went to church and then spent the day with RD. He even let me watch anything I wanted to watch on TV... this never happens... never. 

I had the best birthday and Thanksgiving break... ever. This is just the highlights in a nutshell... Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

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Nana said...

Girl... I hope you are sleeping this week :) xoxo