Viva Las Vegas!!! ...i miss it already...

I am in love with Vegas! In love!!! It is a really interesting place. My favorite time was night time. The lights are amazing! I flew in during the day, so I didn't get the arial view of all the lights and I was pretty amazed when the sun was shining... but when they turned all those lights on.... WHOA! It is awesome! We went to several different casinos at night. We also hit up the club scene. I saw Nick Cannon, who ended up being the DJ at Pure Friday night, one of the clubs we went to. His wifey, Mariah Carey, showed up later on. It was kinda cool. We danced ALL night long. It was sooo much fun. I went to bed at like 6 Vegas time... 8 Bama time. Crazy.
We stayed at the Bellagio. We had a suite on the 33rd floor. There are only 35 at the hotel so we were waaay up there. Our suite was breath taking. Every single room, bathrooms included, had a plasma flat screen television. There were 3 bathroom. One was a 1/2 bath, one had a bath tub with jets, and one had a shower WITH A STEAMER!!! OMG... i want one. The entire hotel and casino was amazing. On the ground floor there was a mall... not like Old Navy, Express, ect... but Fendi, Dior, and CHANEL!!! I tried on every single bag in that room. I did not want to leave. 
We went to a nice dinner and then went to a night club called Blush... but something was missing. So 4 of us loaded into a taxi cab and went to ride roller coasters. Where else in the world can you leave a club, grab a cab and ride a roller coaster at 2 in the morning? This is pic of the Big Shot. It's the tallest point in Vegas. They shoot you up and let you drop down. Over and over... AWESOME!
This is my new purse... Also known as my favorite part of the trip... besides watching "O" by Cirque du Soleil. If you ever in your life get a chance to see this.. please do. It is so awesome I cannot even begin to describe it. Seriously. Anyways... I bought this super hot Juicy bag and clutch/wallet. It's not the Chanel I had picked out.. but it will do for now. The inside in black and white houndstooth... got to love it!
Vegas was awesome and I already want to go back. However, everything is really expensive out there... I am talking a Coke at dinner was $7... yeah crazy... I was glad to get home though. I hated the flight. People kneed the back of my chair the entire way there and people in front of me smelt bad. Real bad.  

This post does not even begin to touch on what all I did this weekend. But I had an awesome time. Maybe I will post more pictures from the trip later on. For now.. I am going to bed. I still have the time all messed up... 

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Matt said...

It's illegal to tell everything..."What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas". Or the Mafia will come and deal with you.