a change of name...

Well... I have decided to change the name of my blog... I had contemplated on just starting an entirely new one, but opted against that thought rather quickly. When I started the blog. my intentions were to post my photography pieces... thus resulting in the name Colorfully Black & White. I love black and white photography and this blog would be how I shared it. But soon that photography blog became more of a day to day journal of my life.

So I have decided to change the name to be more fitting for the actual purpose of my blog : to share my random life and all the crafts, photos and moments that gather along the way.

I settled on the "the days of our lives" because I say this all the time.. you know like from the soap opera I was forced to watch every summer day with my Nannie my entire childhood life. "like sand through an hour glass.... so are the days of our lives..." you know! well.. that is what I am doing with this blog.. only its my edition of the days of our lives - not everyone else's. 

Resulting with : the codielee edition :)

So.. nothing is changing except for the name. I am just telling you all this in case you pondered upon why i would do such a thing. 

have a happy monday :)

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Sue said...

I think this is perfect! However....when I saw your title my heart skipped a beat because I thought of something else!!!!!!!!!(but knew you wouldn't tell me on your blog, right?)