nightie night RD..

A few days ago, my neighbor Ashley at The Buchanan's - Our Life made a post concerning a bed frame and changing table that she was selling. With no need for a changing table just yet, I fell in love with the bed. Bought it. And finally sweet talked my brother into going and helping me get it in his truck yesterday. From there we went to the shop to make it all clean and new looking.

Here it is before.. just the head board. I deleted the foot board picture on accident. oops. :)

After some sanding and spraying with Polyurethane (clear semi shine stuff)... a touch of paint for the JRD brand and some welding of a horseshoe... 

The horseshoe is on the foot of the bed.. so you can see it when standing at the end of the bed.

This turned out darker than intended, but the pillows cover it anyways...

{this is RD's brand}

Look how excited he was! :)

{until this point he was sleeping in the same day bed he had been sleeping in since elementary school.. yes true story. Mattson's bed was bigger than his. He is 2...}

Here is the final product... all the linens/pillows/throw came from Walmart which I was shocked because it was the Chelsea Walmart that usually never has what you need... and yes, we set it up outside simply for presentation. :)

It is going to look so awesome in our guest bedroom (even RD agreed) one day for when my sweet Mattson and Payson come and stay with their Coco! :) 

Yah for new beds and comfy fresh sheets! 

Thanks again Ashley! :)


The Buchanan Family said...

WOW! It looks AWESOME! You did a Great Job!

Sue said...

OH MY GOODNESS....this is a masterpiece!!! You outdid yourself. I love this and it IS perfect for the special boy/man!

Ashley Waldrop said...

Look at your crafty self!! Love!!

Anonymous said...

"in our guestroom???????" is there something that RD isnt telling me???????

Chris G