the weekend...

Today I went and got this guy a tie stake and line so he could run around and be free. He usually stays in a pen unless we are outside with him, because he really enjoys jumping in the pool after playing in the creek which in turn makes the pool the color of the creek..GREEN. He also can be picky about who he likes.... He really dislikes RD.. sadly he really does. Needless to say he will forever live at my parents house. But to me, he is the sweetest boy ever... well you know.. He is pretty anyways :)
But this weekend was filled to the limit... nothing else could have been crammed in!

Friday was a trip to Cullman with RD, his buddy John (who also rides bulls), and his girlfriend to a rodeo. RD bucked off but was safe :)

Saturday was very busy. Erin and I hosted Melissa's baby shower...

Here is a picture of her and Amanda (her sister). They are due like one day apart.. crazy huh?

Here is her cake that I ordered from Edgar's... sadly I didn't get a piece because I had to leave a few minutes early...

The table of food.. yummy!

Erin, Melissa and I...

Then afterwards I was off to Vincent in a mad dash hurry to meet RD to drive to Canon, GA. FYI: Canon, GA is about 10 miles from South Carolina. Yes... it was a road trip. But we laughed and read Cosmo and laughed some more... and sang a lot. We arrived to the most redneck place in the world that offered plenty of mud and filth. Lovely. However the restroom was clean which is always a plus at a rodeo. It was so nasty I didn't even sit in the stands.. I sat on the gate by the bull pen. Yes I really did. RD bucked off and landed face first in about 6 inches of mushy, fresh mud. Pants ruined, shirt ruined, boots in dyer need of immediate attention. Thank goodness I had a change of clothes and so did he. It was so bad his socks were covered in mud that were inside the boots he was wearing... so he wore my purple and pink socks home. A stop at the gas station to buy 3 year old sour straws which were quickly chunked out the window and a long trip home... laughter included. 

Sunday... was sunday school, church and a family gathering. RD's nan and paps hosted a gathering for everyone to eat and talk about the recent purchase of the family land (Carlisle Road). It had to be moved because of the weather, but it was fun and sad all at the same time. Nan wrote this story about the land and everyone it had to do with. She mentioned something about everyone and almost everyone was crying by the end. It's so sad that they are having to go through that.. but that's another post all together.

Sunday night crept in quickly since out Sunday afternoon nap didn't start until 3.. meaning we didn't wake up until 7.. yes we are losers.

Hope everyone's weekend was safe and exciting!

Happy Monday.. well evening now! :)

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Matt said...

Little did I know that after seeing you guys at Arby's, I would be completely drenched crossing the river that was once Regions' Park's parking lot (but we had a blast)!