too much to say...

What's been going on :

This guy graduated high school. Yes. We are officially OLD. He was Valedictorian. He did an awesome job speaking and I am sooo proud of him! He is going to Auburn to become a vet. Go him!! Love you little man!!

Pardon the quality of this picture.. I took a picture of a picture with my cell phone... 

This is Chase when he was about 18 months. How cute is this child? He was actually mean then. For real. But now he is very sweet and kind :)

I also finally finished a decorating issue I had been facing... With the use of this clock. Which has been in my room since I was wee child and 2 frames from Hobby Lobby... I came up with this... 
Tah Dah!
The images came from The Black Apple. She has an Etsy Shop and is simply lovely!!!

Here is another image I bought from her. The frame is an antique that my Momma and I came across in Georgia on our way to a rodeo. Yah!

I also spent lots of time with my BFF Shelley and her wonderful childrens that I love dearly! Shopping and eating.. what we do best! Yah for awesome friends and family!

Then Sunday.. having not seen RD since Thursday because he was gone all weekend to rodeos... we were reunited and spent them entire Sunday afternoon, night and all day Monday at Wind Creek. Yah! 

{pictures to come shortly :)}

Wake boarding, knee boarding, eating and just having fun...

Now we are back to the norm and today I finished another project...

{i am loving this no work until June 29th business!!!}

Tune in tomorrow :) It's lovely!!!!

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