Sweet Sunday & a lil shout out to Ashawie...

I am sitting on the couch and RD is sitting on the other couch at my house..

He is channel surfing... mostly making me watch the Discovery Channel.. something about tribes and they are all naked and gross.. eww.

Now it's Happy Gilmore... idk. Randomness.

Tomorrow is starts my last week of my Tuscaloosa commutes... yah!

Exams on Monday, Tuesday, on Wednesday in C'burg for my online class, and one last trip on Thursday... then a relaxing Friday... and SATURDAY! 

Bring it on.. if the flippin' Swine Flu allows... yes they are actually considering canceling the graduation ceremony due to the swine flu. 

Mad or even pissed off.. will not even begin to explain the depths of my madness and irritation. 

Anyways.. happy thoughts... I WILL GRADUATE!!! 

{my posts will prolly be few and far between until Sunday or Monday}

I would also like to tell Ashley at Heath Bars and Reese's Cups CONGRATULATIONS!!!  We did it honey!!! yah!!! no more college.... at least for a minute :)

...and one more last {yah!!}


Ashley Waldrop said...


It would be our stinkin luck to have graduation canceled due to the swine flu...I mean...what do you do?

Thanks honey..congrats to you as well.. We are going to have to spend a lot of time together this summer since we will have all of this free time on our hands ;)

Sue said...

Congratulations to BOTH of you. I remember well how it felt to "finally" graduate. I really thought they should ring bells and blow whistles because it is quite an accomplishment for anyone!! Just think....no more studying after this week!!!!!!!!