g is for...

g is for a girl...
that i can't wait to meet!
{gracie lee}

This Saturday my Erin and I are hosting our Melissa's baby shower. 
 this is going to be used on the table as decoration along with all the other marvelous things we have scrambled up. we are new at this and very excited.
then of course Mommie Melissa gets to keep it. i have yet to add the pink ribbon from which it will hang. i am so excited about this child. i cannot wait to post pictures of her little outfit i got her. but in case melissa decides to venture onto my blog.. that will wait :)
p.s. the black background is chocolate in real life. i am tired and do not feel like adjusting my camera and/or photoshopping the quality of this photograph.

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Ashley Waldrop said...

Hey..I have her gift but I can't go.. Will you take it for me?