When it's snowing on Sunday....

I woke up this morning to a white pasture out my bedroom doors! Yah! I kept looking out the window while getting ready for church. I was so excited! That was until I had to go outside in it... the time I went to church at 10:37.. it was coming a down pour and the wind was blowing. I had forgotten how cold snow is until I was making my hike across the parking lot! WOW! Put it this way.. the man standing at the door was laughing at me sprinting in heels!

After church me and RD came home to eat with Susie and Creeddaddy. Look how sweet....

However.. this (the picture below) was going on before and after the sweet picture above... From the time I got out of the truck I was being begged with snowballs.. and hard might I add!!! I was so mad because I could not get him back because I was being bombarded! When we came in to eat I was so mad cause I didn't get him good.. then he confessed that I had pegged him really hard.. and right in the face! haha... poor guy! Roll Tide! :) That made 472 snowballs he threw at me all worth it! That sounds mean I know... but I literally was attacked and thought I had not even got one good shot back!
This picture is not so much flattering, but I wanted to show the brutality of the battle at hand! Momma just so happened to catch it!

After our war was over, I thanked the good Lord that it hardly ever snows and ate lots of warm, yummy Shepard's pie. Which was ironic, because our service this morning was on Psalms 23 and how the Lord is our Shepard... hmmmm interesting. (My momma went to church at Lighthouse this morning.... not VRC.) Idk... random I know.

Then we napped and ate again, watched the PBR, planned out routes for next weekends rodeos, played Rook with Susie and Creeddaddy, and watched the final episode of the Girls Next Door.

Hope yall had a Happy Snowy Sunday! :)


Matt said...

I had about 5 separate snowball fights with the teenagers...we were supposed to be having Sunday School, but you know how we all get when it snows.

Your picture does show the brutality. Your face is reminiscent of when people in movies get stabbed in the back. Those must have been some serious snowballs.

Katie said...

Yay for blog buddies! I love the look of your blog. I took one photoshop/indesign class while at Auburn...and I've lost all of my skills...I'm really jealous of yours! I'm sort of obsessed with my blog...and everyone elses. So fun!!!

Fields of Plenty said...

you guys look so cute! It as good to see you both at the party!