Today I...

Today was Friday the 13th. Besides almost being hit my a car that went from sitting still at a red light to running the red light in down town Pell City, all was good. I woke up and went to pick up RD's toolbox for the second time. The man ordered the wrong size the first time... and the second time. So now I will go AGAIN on Monday to HOPEFULLY pick up the right toolbox. Anyways... then Jayme and I went to lunch with her Mom and went antique shopping. One of my favorite things to do! I found this.... yellow and lovely! And the best part.. it was $12.50!!

Then some girls from work went ice skating... Jayme (James as I call her), April Nicole, Elizabeth and myself! So much fun... we didn't last the whole two house because I could have sworn my ankles were breaking in my skates, along with everyone else, but we had a blast!

James took one with her camera of all of our feet.. it was too cute. But it was on her camera because I left mine at home... oops :( So you just get my ice skates... ugly and painful. 

This is April Nicole. She decided that she was going to skate and slide. Over and over. It was hilarious!  

Then there is me... that is my triple (single) axle or whatever it would be classified as... idk.

We had an awesome time :)

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