Spring is wonderful...

These 2 little numbers are now members of my closet... the top one is soo comfortable.. and the bottom one is sooo comfy and cute!!! I got the top one just like the one shown and a solid blue.. and the bottom on in purple, green/blue, and pink/brown... i know you are thinking.. really why? Answer : They were are $15. Enough said. Go now! 

This weekend officially started when I woke this morning... after a day of bargain buy at Old Navy (You all should go... $15 to die for dresses!!) with my Momma, lunch at Edgars and the purchase of a cake for Chase's 18th birthday, a trip to walmart and the bringing in of the groceries... the smallest nap ever... and a phone call that sweetly said "be ready at 6".. so now it's rushing to be ready to go to another.. Rodeo. 

Yah for rodeos... these boots make it waay more fun though :)

Then tomorrow will spent at my favorite place in the world, the Farm in Hayden! Food, fishing, family and fresh air! yah!!! And Jessica is coming along so I won't be the only girl there besides my Aunts, Momma, and Mamaw! She is so fun! Pictures to come later! 

Hope everyone had a happy 1st day of Spring... if not.. read this blog and take on that attitude. We all should :) 

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