random is my middle name...

  1. I was supposed to be born on Halloween in 1985 and was born on Thanksgiving.
  2. I can wear the same jeans that I wore in 8th grade.
  3. When I was in high school and got bored I would write on my ceiling when my bedroom was upstairs, along with all of my friends. (It's very low ceiling.)
  4. I pretend like I am playing the drums when I am driving or riding down the road. Sometimes I play along with RD as he pretends to play the drums while going down the road. 
  5. I hit the snooze button for exactly one hour before even beginning to think about actually getting out of the bed.
  6. I drink enough water in one day to sink a small ship. My bladder hates me.
  7. I watch Andy Griffin every week night before I go to sleep.
  8. I love watching bull riding. 
  9. I absolutely love mascara and black eye liner. They make my world go 'round!
  10. I am allergic to perfume. 
  11. I can only wear baby lotion and it as to be the pink bottle by Johnson and Johnson. Really. You can ask Shelley. She always laughs when I hold my nose in Sephora while she tries different fragrances. 
  12. I look at the stars every night and think about how good we have it... even with all the stuff going on around us.
  13. I am by no means a smart person...but....My brain never stops thinking. Never.
  14. I once had a dream about a funeral. I had no idea who it was. Then I found myself at that very funeral 3 months later. It was dear friend Lacy that had terminal cancer. True story. Ask Patrick Scott. 
  15. My cousin Josh lived with us until he got married in like 2003. He later divorced. But nonetheless, he is like my brother. I actually thought he was until I was like 7. 
  16. My favorite color is black.
  17. I love to go on road trips. Even if it means a rodeo at the end of the journey :)
  18. I could go antique shopping all day long everyday.
  19. RD and I have a list of names that we keep in our heads to name our children one day. They are really strange names that we think are lovely :)
  20. I want to live in a log cabin. (We already have it picked out!)
  21. I worry everyday that I will not find a "big girl" job.
  22. I still get nervous around RD at times and sometimes find myself smiling from ear to ear for no apparent reason.
  23. I have slept from my driveway to the state line of New York. That's 18 hours straight in a vehicle. My dad carried me into a gas station to pee, my momma held me up over the toilet. Then my dad carried me back to the truck. I didn't remember any of this. And had Chase not confirmed this, I would not believe it to this day.
  24. I love the mashed potatoes that are flakes and come from a box. I prefer them over the real thing. 
  25. Since my little brother was in 2nd grade, he has been smarter than me :)

Pretty random huh?

...randomly thought of & typed by codielee :)

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Matt said...

Regarding #14...proof that the Matrix is real :)