it's not right...

First let me say... (this is lengthy...my bad...)

I had the best weekend ever. Seriously, it was one of the best weekends of my life. For real. I went to a rodeo on Friday night, laughed the entire ride home (which was a 45 minute ride), spent the whole day Saturday at the Farm in Hayden (had a blast!) and Sunday was spent at church and then outside until the sun was in and bull riding was on.

A post about this past weekend is in the works... but I left my camera in RD's truck and the post needs pictures to portray the full effect... have I mentioned lately that I love that boy. Cause I sure do! :)

But today was not magical or filled with laughter (except for when I called RD to ask him what he wanted for dinner and he answered the phone saying something about a poot factory...idk). It was hectic. It was stressful. It was full of screaming children and rude mothers. It had men that were sent to vet to pick up their dog's medicine **correction** their wife's dog's medicine. In no way was it their dog until it was time to pay the bill. I have heard it all. Especially today. 

Today is Monday. Monday at full force. A Monday with no boundaries that was in no way hiding her true colors. Monday. Oh Monday... This one was no different except that maybe she had more power than her regular self. After the what the seemed like thousands of Spring Break boarders were picked up, the daily medicine's were given and vaccines were administered, reality set it...

Some people really should not have animals.

I have seen them all. The pet obsessors: those who would truly die without their animals and would go to all mean s to save them . Haul them every specialists that can be afforded and set up a payment plan for those who cannot. The pet lovers: they truly love their pets as they do their children but realize at the same time, their children come first. The pet owners: the ones who like their pets just fine. Give them the care they need and play with them often. However, they understand the role of the pet and want the best for them but can live to see another day without them. The pet flaunters: are those who have pets because they think they need them. But when the going gets tough, they give up. Then their are those who have pets because they just want to have pets. I am not saying that any of these are bad... Just clarifying what I tend to see on a daily basis.

Today I saw the mother of all vet clinic sightings.

Had you called me at 2:00 I would have said that the lady (human lady - not an animal) that was having seizures in room #3 was the sightings of all sightings. She convulsed and flopped around like a fish. I surely thought she would die before I could get off the phone with the 911 operator. She lived. Walked out of the clinic and I am pretty sure to back to McDonald's for a snack. Mean you might think. But true. The car was full of bags and fast food trash. Ask anyone that was there. Including the 17 people from the rescue squad. 

Then the family came in that would put their pet to sleep. This happens a lot and it no longer bothers me at all. Until I realized that the patient was sitting happily on the floor. Panting from just running around the clinic yard. Red bow in her newly groomed hair. Basically smiling at me as I checked her in to meet her death. Yes I said it, Death. 

The owners: wealthy. VERY wealthy retired people. Nice foreign car. Convertible. Big diamond rings. On both hands. Louis bags and designer jeans. Did I mention that they are loaded? They even have one of those American Express cards that is made of Titanium. Yes real metal. Loaded. 

But they put their sweet, smiling, happy dog to sleep. At there mere age of 12 years. 12 years may seem old. This dog had zero health problems minus that she had to be given insulin one time a day. 

Insulin is $32.99 for a month. Syringes are $23.99 and last for 3 months. Chump change for these folks. 

But needless to say, they walked out without their dog. Louis bag in tow. All because they were tired of giving a shot everyday and because it was a hassle. Frustrating was the exact word that was used. 


Try being the vet that by law has to put the dog to sleep if their owner requests it. Try being the tech that had to hold the dog's leg while the needle is injected. Try being the receptionist that has to kindly tell you to have a nice day even though you are a dog murderer. 

Find it a home. Leave it on our front step. Take it to the pound. It was cute. It was sweet. It had many years left to run, pant and smile. 

It's gone. Because of a medical condition that people have all the time. We don't put them to sleep because medication must be bought and shots must be administered. 

It's just not right. And I had to vent about it.

Thanks for listening. 


Nana said...

I agree - it's not right. And it made me cry :(

Joannie said...

I am the proud owner of 5 (yes-five) dogs & it was not only wrong but IT WAS MEAN!!!!! I don't have a convertible, large diamond rings or Louis bags & you can forget that card thing but if any one of mine were sick believe me we (the whole family) would all make sacrifices so they could enjoy all the time that they had left. They are part of our family!!!! Pets don't get to pick their owners!!You are exactly right some people should not have pets because they are not toys that you can get rid of when your tired of them. Mean people just plain MEAN!