I finished....

Over the years I have spent many hours doing homework, writing papers, researching, reading and the various art project. There are few I could name that stick out in my mind because they were either difficult but I succeeded, or those that were just fun to do. Then there are those that you could have sworn would be the death of you. The ones where you wanted to pull your hair out and cried for no reason other than that you hated that you were being forced to it in the first place. That is the case with this project.

In painting class we had to do a self portrait. I do not like drawing things that have to be exact in order to look like it should. I like things to be a little abstract and let the viewer be able to decide. I do not like painting people in the first place. I hate it to be quite honest. Give me a cow or an elephant and I am your girl... a human face? Not so much.

So here I am... on canvas. As I starred in the mirror and then tried to put what I was seeing onto the canvas (that I HAD TO MAKE MYSELF!!!) I began to lose it. I began to be obsessed with making lines perfect and shades exact. I lost it. So I stopped for the day and bought it home to work on. Worked on it Tuesday night and Wednesday every chance I got. Then finished it up in class today. 

I know the lines are not perfect and the shades are not perfectly blended, but I finished it. I completed the task at hand. She does not look like me. Maybe a little, but no a lot. At all. I finished the one project of my college career that ranks at the top of the list. Had I been assigned this my freshman year, I would have dropped this class. Literally. 

The owl is my favorite part. He is the only thing on here I actually like.  I am in a way embarrassed to show this, but I was so proud that I finished I had to share. I prayed a lot while doing this project. Just a simple Lord help me. And he did :)


Ashley Waldrop said...

I love it..and the owl too! It looks a lot like you, especially the eyes and eye brows. The only thing that is not so much you is the mouth. I think you did a great job my friend ;)

Jennifer Edwards said...

I think it is quite lovely... I'm so glad you have eyes now! Don't you feel like you have accomplished something very significant and you deserve to graduate now?!

I love it!