Random fun...very random.

So... At work yesterday my friend Jayme was like we should start rollerblading. I was like.. uhh ok. That was random. Then she told me that she actually had rollerblades in her truck. She decided on lunch we were going to go get me some too. She says its a great way to get your legs toned and all fit and stuff... so I was like sure whatever. So we get back from Academy and attempt to rollerblade. Note:  I have not rollerbladed or skated or anything of that nature in years... many years. However I think it's something you don't easily forget how to do. Before I knew it I was skating backwards and jumping! Haha....We had so much fun! It's the most random lunch break I have ever had. I had to share this with yall because I mean seriously think about it... who else would rollerblade on their lunch break... in the clinic....around the treatments tables... for 45 minutes? Haha... it's fun being random. :) 

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Ashley Waldrop said...

I want to rollerblade =)