everyone i know is asleep... seriously.

Hello everyone! It's been a couple of days since my last blog session... This week is going so slow... and it's only Monday! I so tired and thinking about the stuff I have left to do makes me even more tired! Then on top of all the stuff I need to do, I realized it's almost Christmas! Can you believe it! That means all sorts of more things... we wont go there....I am so exciting about graduating! College is going to be the death of me! However... I am doing very well this semester. I do not think I have ever been so focused on school in my life... I think it is because I hate it so much that I want to make sure I do not ever have to return after May 9, 2009. OH HURRY May 9, 2009... PLEASE!!! :) Anyways.. I was just going to stop by and blog for a second before I dozed off... which I needed to do a hot minute ago! 

Something has been laying on my heart for the past few hours and I just couldn't sleep until I said it (or typed it out rather... everyone i know is already asleep....) but...
I heard the voice of an old friend today and it brought back so many memories of times we once shared together. She used to be normal. She used work 40 hours a week, clean her house, cook for her husband, get really excited over holidays (even the stupid ones that don't really count), and thought me and my little brother were the greatest two kids that ever lived. She always thought that, even after we grew up and became little hell-yans! :) Then she took a turn for the worse. She stopped caring. Not just about her husband, her family, her friends, her dogs, but for herself. She turned to drugs to fix problems that no one on the Earth can fix. God was the only thing she could have turned to for help but she turned to drugs and alcohol instead. Eventually her ways caught up with and off she went to prison.

She was recently released from prison. She has a new, fresh start. Pray that she will stay
clean and have God in her life. Pray that He will guide her through the days and keep her from drugs and alcohol. Pray that she will be ok. 

Pray that the obstacles that she faced that led her to drugs and alcohol will no longer be burdens on her life. Pray that she will move on. Her mother is Heaven looking down, I am sure, praying for her everyday. As does my mother that is here on Earth praying everyday. It hurts both of them, as well as countless other people to see how she has changed. Knowing the kind, sweet person she once was that turned to drugs and alcohol for an escape. 

There have been more times than I like to admit that I just wished she would go away and never come back. It seemed like forever when all she did was bring pain and hurt to the people that cared about her. But I do love her and know she is a kind hearted person that wants to do right deep in her heart. She just needs guidance from the Lord. He is the only one that can truly save her.

She can't do it alone. She needs prayer and help from the Lord above.
Please pray for her. 

This has been prying at me all evening and I just wanted to share this with someone. 
Thanks for listening :)


Fields of Plenty said...

kudos to you... you seem wise beyond your years codie lee! your words are touching but stearn and I pray for your troubled someone that she will see that too and use you as an example for her turn around! I know I don't know you very well on a personal basis but your blog sums you up quite nicely! I really only new the younger you but I can tell your experiences have evolved you into an enlightened woman at still a young age! Sorry for going all Dr. Phil on you but I was very impressed by what I read!

jen said...
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jen said...

sorry didn't mean to delete! we are actually still in calera. we took our house off the market because things are so slow right now. i guess we will hang out until the market picks up! i would love to see you very soon! maybe a dinner date? i would love to bring the family to your parents house! gavin and monkey would be in heaven!! miss you tons!