crowded desktops... not cool!

Well... I just spent the last hour cleaning off my 
desktop (on my computer)! I did not know one could have so many random objects and files and pictures and unfinished projects on their desktop! I would drag files to the trash only to find 7 more files under that one! Craziness... anyways I found some 
interesting things I had forgotten about... 

This image is one that I took a few months ago. I had originally planned on doing a series. I was going to frame them and give them to Susie for mother's day... but I got side tracked and would forget to go take a picture... i am slightly scattered brained at times.. So I ended up with a few good shots but this one was my favorite. There was actually a bird and 3 eggs in the nest. She had the nest all stuffed down in there. It was kinda like an obstacle course. (maybe thats why they left..) But I like this shot not showing you all that.. that way you can decide for yourself what is going on. 
Is there a bird? 
Does she have eggs? 
What happened to them? 
It's kinda fun to guess. 

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